Thundermage is Champion Unit that can target certain cells several tiles away to be destroyed 4 turns later.

Quick Stat: ThunderMage Edit

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4

Tier 2: ThunderMage+ Edit

Changes from ThunderMage: Adds 4 more thunder locations

Tier 3: ThunderMage++ Edit

Changes from ThunderMage+: Adds 4 orthogonal movement squares

Tier 4: ThunderMage+++ Edit

Changes from ThunderMage++: Adds ability to attack 1 tile orthogonally

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Strategy: ThunderMage Edit

ThunderMage, with poor movement, is best used from a distance to prevent it being attacked by minions. Its thunder ability is long ranged, and can be used tactically to time attacks in order to create pseudo-forks. However, it is difficult to accomplish, but is effective in moving your opponents pieces around. It is especially effective to remove an enemy pyromancer from a bothersome location, as well as a gravity mage, if the situation allows it.

Strength: ThunderMage Edit

Cheap (both low cost and cheap in the sense that it can be massively overpowered), long range. It also has the ability to "attack" the king turn 2 if teleported out by a portal... allowing white to set a time bomb and wisps or long range champions can be used to immobilize the enemy king for the 4 required turns getting you an easy checkmate... If the king is switched away a paladin/wizard can be killed or in the case of valkyrie the king can be trapped in the middle of the board by queens and other long range champions.

Weakness: ThunderMage Edit

Its moves are not very good, only having a few from knight and some vertically it can make it hard to correctly position this unit before it becomes a Thundermage++ and wasting time that could be better used developing minions. Its thunder also costs one to use, so you must be cautious and not overly spam it. Thunder base is weak to diagonal attacks, and all tiers are weak to long range attacks. In addition, its cooltime for this unit's skill is very long, allowing enemies to get away easily.