Quick Stat: Fencer Edit

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4

Tier 2: Fencer+ Edit

Changes from Fencer: The Fencer igains range 2 attacks

Tier 3: Fencer++ Edit

Changes from Fencer+: The fencer gains blocking on range 2 attacks

Tier 4: Fencer+++ Edit

Changes from Fencer++: The Fencer gains knight like teleports

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Strategy: Fencer Edit

Fencer may be used to make good trades, or force an enemy to move out of an area.

Strength: Fencer Edit

Its low cost and blocking makes it a powerful unit against blockable champions such as rook or queen. At higher levels its diagonal movement offers it much mobility, and at +++ the knight-like teleportation comes in handy in infiltrating defenses or escaping a tough situation.

Weakness: Fencer Edit

Short-ranged movement and attack makes it difficult to attack defended enemy positions without the help of wind magic. It is also weak against enemy with unblockable, ranged, or distant attacks.

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