The Comet is a Legendary Champion that can target any enemy Champion at any time. After the Comet strikes an enemy it will destroy itself like the Bomber, freezing enemy units in an area around the square it attacked. Frozen enemies cannot attack or move for three turns after they are frozen.

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Quick Stat: Comet Edit

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4

Tier 2: Comet+ Edit

To Upgrade from Comet to Comet+, you need 2 Comet and 250 Dragon Coins.

Tier 3: Comet++ Edit

To Upgrade from Comet to Comet++, you need 2 Comet+ and 1000 Dragon Coins.

Tier 4: Comet+++ Edit

To Upgrade from Comet to Comet+++, you need 2 Comet++ and 5000 Dragon Coins.

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Strategy: Comet Edit

The Comet is mainly used to disable key defending Champions to enable attacks on the King.

The Comet can also be used to freeze the minions near the King, so you can take out the King using any long-ranged unblockable attack.

Sometimes it is used to save your king from checkmate and perform strategic attacks.

Strength: Comet Edit

The Comet can target enemy Champions at any time. The attacks of the Comet cannot be blocked, making it a constant threat for the enemy as long as it's on the board. Fully upgraded, the Comet has a wide range of freeze, enabling it to temporarily paralyze a chunk of clustered units.

Weakness: Comet Edit

The non upgraded version of the Comet has a freezing range of only 4 squares adjacent of where it strikes. When the opponent has its champions scattered around the board the effects of the Comets attack might be minimal. Upgraded versions have better freezing range but its cost is still pretty high for a unit that can only be used once. Also, while the Comet freezes units in range after impact, it cannot kill enemy units. It should be noted that beyond the targeted champion, it will only freeze minions caught in the area of effect.

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