Class is a game mechanic. Several abilities revolve around classes, and the class of a piece determines its placement in an army. An army consists of 2 classes: Minion, Champion, plus King, which is classified as neither a Minion nor a Champion.

Special ClassesEdit

According to the data structure of units, the class of a unit is divided into 2 categories: Minion and not Minion. However, to balance some piece's abilities, such as ruling out the possibility of reviving a King with LifeStone, the "not Minion" class was further divided into Champion and a third category, determined by whether its rarity is "N/A" or not. This includes King and other unobtainable units (except Dummy or GeminiTwin).

However, this causes weird undocumented behaviors, such as Saplings rescuing Hostages, and a forth, unintended, category, which only consists of Dummy, due to it having both a Minion status and an "N/A" rarity.

Abilities that depends on classesEdit

Some abilities can or cannot trigger depending on the class of the target. Although the descriptions of them only use the terms "Champion" and "Minion", there exists some undocumented behaviors for the units that belong to neither of the classes.

Ability Unit(s) with the ability Description Minion Champion Other (eg. King) Minion Kinda (Dummy) Additional comments
Castling King Swap places with ally Champion, then move the King and Champion together, and lose this ability. No Yes Yes No In this case, "Champion" stands for both Champions and Other units.
Rescue Hostage If caught between 2 adjacent enemy champions, the Hostage is rescued and opponent gains morale.
Behemoth passive Behemoth Cannot be targeted by enemy minions. Cannot target Can target Cannot target Can target
Revive LifeStone (Magic) Revive most recently fallen ally champion of 2x LifeStone's value or less, and destroy LifeStone. No Yes No No
Freeze-Strike Comet (Magic) Destroy self at target location and Freeze enemy unit, making them unable to Move or Attack for 3 turns.
Shield Trigger Shieldsman and Guardian (Trigger) Ally Champion targeted by enemy ability or attack: this unit instantly swaps places with targeted champion.
Minotaur passive Minotaur On Champion Kill: Swap places with enemy King. No Yes No No Although an extra criterion exists in the game's code (not King), it is same as above as King is not a Champion.
Recall Beacon (Magic) Target unit is teleported to Ability Target. Yes Yes No No While the ability itself has no restrictions, the Augment of the piece only allows Champions and Minions to be recalled.
Freeze Trigger Comet (Trigger) On Death: Freeze enemy minions in this area. Yes No No Yes
Minion-only attack Tiger (Unblockable) Attack Minion.
Charm Lilith and SoulFlare (Magic) Charm enemy minion.