ChaosPortal is a challenge-exclusive unit, first appearing in the challenge of 7/1/16. It can polymorph units to random minions (does not charm them), and mass-teleport, moving all units adjacent to the ChaosPortal to completely random locations. It has no upgrades that have appeared yet. The first documented case of the ChaosPortal being able to be played in a challenge was on 15/4/2018

Table of Contents: Quick Stat & Upgrades | Strategy | Upgrades (+/-)

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Strategy: ChaosPortal Edit

Strength: ChaosPortal Edit

The ChaosPortal provides a massive amount of morale, allowing one to survive move decay. Polymorph has a chance to transform units into Portals, making them sitting ducks. Mass-teleport can throw off defensive formations easily, securing a win. ChaosPortal is capable of polymorphing the enemy king if the opportunity arises.

Weakness: ChaosPortal Edit

The ChaosPortal's polymorph can easily work against you, transforming a unit into a Princess that can promote, a Reaver capable of checkmate, or other undesirable piece. Mass-teleport can also put the king into check or even checkmate, so make sure the King is not near the Chaos Portal. The ChaosPortal also boasts poor and awkward mobility, and its absurdly high value leaves it a prime target for trading.